Hold On

Members of hardcore band, "Hold On" pose in the choir room. The band is looking forward to performing and writing music together.

Members of hardcore band, “Hold On” pose in the choir room. The band is looking forward to performing and writing music together.

   Starting a band takes a lot of initiative and cooperation, and it’s finally coming together for Parker Tinsley ’15, Owen Pishna ’17 and Sam Roll ’15 who just formed a new band named Hold On. Members of Hold On identify the genre as hardcore, which is similar to punk rock.

   “We’ve had the idea for like a year, but we never did anything until now,” says Roll.

   Hardcore has played a pivotal role in Roll’s childhood. He has always been a showgoer and has a developed appreciation for live performances.

   “Every time I see a band perform, it makes me want to be up on stage with them. Live music is one of my favorite things to watch,” he says.

   Tinsley, guitarist and backup singer in Hold On, has played guitar for ten years and has been into hardcore ever since he heard “We Came as Romans” at Warped Tour. His most notable influences include Of Mice and Men and Senses Fail.

   “I honestly just want to play music,” says Tinsley. “If we get enough notability to play Warped Tour then that would be my dream, but I mostly just want a chance to create something new.”

   Drawing from musical influences as diverse as Ghost Inside, Defector, Senses Fail, and even Lana Del Rey, Roll hopes to start performing within a month. The plans were put on hold for a while because of the musical, but the members hope to get to work shortly.

   Of course, there are some challenges involved with starting a band in any obscure genre such as hardcore.

   “There aren’t many people who like this type of music, so it’s hard to find people who are interested,” says Roll. “It’s been [especially] hard to find a drummer.”

   Among other things, members are looking forward to the group dynamics and spending time together through songwriting and performing.

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