Heritage Shuts Down for the Summer

Over summer break, some changes will be made to Heritage. The school’s room numbers will be updated and some wiring is being done to improve the internet system for all of the new technology use.

In the district, Heritage has been a part of a Bond Project for the past three years and they have recently decided to improve the wireless system due to the large amount of Chromebooks and cell phone use. Ms. Kathy Smith, Principal Riendeau’s Assistant, is working directly with district personnel to prepare the building for the renovations.

“The teachers will have to pack up their rooms because of the Bond Project where contractors are going to come in and rewire the school to add wireless access hubs to improve the wireless system with everyone having Chromebooks. We are also working with Verizon to improve cell phone service,” says Smith.

The building will be shut down starting May 31 until August 10. Teachers are asked to pack their valuable classroom belongings and move them to a safe room to prepare the school for open access and prevent any damage while the contractors are around the school working. Everyone has to be packed up by the end of the school year, and everyone has to be ready at the same time.

“Individual teachers will not be allowed to check out until everyone is ready,” stresses Ms. Stacey Riendeau, Principal.

Another major change to the school will be the new room numbers and security update. The new room numbers will still correspond with each floor level, the same as in the past, but that is the only similarity. There was a plan to change the floor numbers and make the second floor the main floor, but it was determined that it could remain the same because the lower gym could be the “basement” and will start with a 0. The numbers will be four digits and if the room has an exterior door, the number will include an ‘X’. Each number will correlate with each hallway, but will be a different set of numbers for each hall.

“Renumbering the classrooms was suggested by the district for security purposes, and also for the emergency responders, so they only have to understand one numbering system to match all of the schools,” says Smith.

With this change, more directory signs will be added to help direct new and old students. Some rooms, like the library, will have a name and number on its directory plate, but normal classroom numbers will only have the new number. The new numbers will also not affect where the teachers and departments are. Students will be able to find the new numbers in next year’s planner.

Some other updates to the school will include fume hoods in the art rooms, a update to the current cooling system in the Theatre, hardware updates in the music rooms, and added mechanical units and dust collector in the wood shop.

“We are putting in a new air system to clean the air from all of the dust and particles coming from the machines. The size of the air collector system has always been smaller than what it should be and by adding an updated system, it will clean the air better and faster,” says Mr. Jason Whitehorn, Technology Teacher.

Mr. Brinker’s room, along with many others, has started packing up for the renovations. The third floor has also seen some changes with wiring starting to be put in.

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