Heritage dives to perfection

Diving Photo

A varsity diver competes at a Heritage home meet.

When it comes to diving, perfection is nearly impossible.

The judges score a dive on four components: the approach of the dive, how precise the form was while performing the dive, the height of the diver and the splash made as the diver enters the water.

“The judges score you on a scale on one through 10. If you receive a five, that is an indication that your dive was fairly good, while a 10 means you have achieved absolute perfection. I have never seen anyone receive a 10 in my entire time diving,” says varsity diver Kaela Schandle ’16.

In order to qualify for state a diver must receive over 200 points in a smaller meet with six dives, or over 335 points in larger meet with 11 dives.

Schandle has already qualified for state this season and is on the Heritage varsity team.

Sarah Greichen ’17 is the only other girl on varsity, and she hopes to go to state as well.

“Kaela and I usually place 1st or 2nd in our meets. I think that we definitely learn a lot from each other, and I definitely look up to her as a diver,” says Greichen.

The diving team generally competes every week and they go to invitation meets on the weekends.

“I love diving because I discovered new ways to improve every time I step foot on a diving board. However, diving can also be frustrating because it is a very technical sport and it is extremely hard to feel like I have achieved a perfect dive,” says Greichen.

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