Heritage dancers shine on stage

Heritage High School is home to a plethora of talented students. There are the theater kids, athletes, musicians, artists, and even four talented ballerinas. Abby Specht ’13, Karina Okoren ’13, Hannah Kois ’14 and KT Wicker ’16 have all been cast as leads in Littleton Youth Ballet’s upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz.

Specht and Kois have been given the unique opportunity of sharing the role of Glinda. After receiving the news, both were excited.

“I think I cried tears of happiness. Glinda was the part I really wanted, so I was ecstatic,” says Kois.

“Hannah and I have always gone over choreography together (singing it and marking it with our hands during lunch) so it’s been nice being able to do that again! Sharing Glinda has also challenged me to become a better dancer. Hannah inspires me,” adds Specht.

Wicker also shares her part of the Tin Man with another dancer at the studio. After seeing the cast list, she was also overjoyed.

“I was super excited,” she says.

Okoren is cast as Ozma, the queen of Emerald City. Her auditioning experience was slightly different from the rest of the girls.

“Well I found out I got Ozma exactly after the auditions because I was still undecided if I should do it or not, and they told me they had made up Ozma for me so that I could still be in the show even with the limited time I have to be at rehearsals. So I felt honored!” Okoren shares.

This is LYB’s first time performing The Wizard of Oz, making it a new experience for all of the dancers.

“The Wizard of Oz has all new music and choreography so each rehearsal is exciting,” says Specht.

All four dancers love the process of putting a show together.

“During all of the rehearsal and even up to the show, it’s really great to feel like a part of a big family. Everyone gets so close,” says Kois.

The girls will perform at 1:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. on March 16 and 2:00 P.M. on March 17. All three shows will take place at Lone Tree Arts Center, and tickets can be purchased at www.lonetreeartscenter.org.

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