Heritage app launches

  Heritage High School has officially announced the creation of their new app through the SchoolInfoApp Company. The app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play by searching for “Heritage High School.”

According to the official press release regarding the app, it will enable parents, students, alumni, faculty and staff to quickly access all of the who, what, when and where for Heritage High School.

The app allows users to opt in to receive push notifications, keep up with the latest Heritage news, view events calendars, add events calendars to personal mobile devices, get directions for off-campus events, obtain contact information for teachers and faculty, and access quick links to school menus and Infinite Campus.

  The app also serves as a student planner, where students can enter assignments, due dates, and levels of priority. Students can also submit anonymous tips to the app regarding bullying, cheating or criminal activity that they notice around school.

  “It will be nice to have a reliable place to look for information about events at Heritage without having to go to the website,” says Andrea Manio ‘15.

The app is  now “live” and can be downloaded at any time.

“There’s so many great events around Heritage that go unnoticed. I hope the app will allow people to get more involved, attend more shows and games, see more art, raise more money, and turn in more homework. The things it can do are pretty amazing. These devices are already in student’s pockets, and if we can make them educational tools, I believe that we have the obligation to do so,”  says app programmer  Mr. Kevin Keena.

A Heritage students uses the new app to look for upcoming events.

A Heritage student uses the new app to look for upcoming events.

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