Heritage alumni flooded out


On the first night of flooding, Ben Stuvel ’11 and Tyler Fejes ’12 brave the floods, trying to walk up the steps from one of the tunnels that leads up to the CU Boulder campus. Photo Credit: Zach Stults ’11

   As homes were flooded and roads destroyed in early September, Colorado was declared a major disaster zone.

   Heritage alumna Natalie Mathay ‘12 writes a blog and one of her most recent pieces is about her experience with the flood.

   “The place I’ve come to call home, my apartment here in Boulder, my haven after a year of displacement, was invaded by millions of raindrops as aimless as I am, just trying to find where they’re meant to go…The trucks came and were loaded in the standard fashion, women first. Few by few, we climbed into the cabs of the lifted trucks, and by chance I wound up in the pick-up bedecked in camouflage and draped with an American flag,” says Mathay.

   Mathay’s full story is on her blog; it’s titled Hospitality, Holy Water, and Other Flooding Thoughts. It is accessible at http://afrenzyoffollies.blogspot.com/.

   President Barak Obama officially declared Colorado a major disaster area on September 15, 2013. With the declaration, those affected by the floods in Boulder County are now eligible for aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

   With FEMA, aid can “include grants for temporary housing and home repairs, low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses, and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover…,” states the official release document.

   “Luckily I live on the 3rd floor in the middle of the city, but it’s been insane how FEMA and military police are still driving around. Many people have had to relocate,” Sammie Vidal ‘12, Heritage alumna comments.

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