Healy rocks the stock show

Lauren Healy ’15 has been riding to success with the Westernaires, most recently performing in the National Western Stock Show that took place in Denver in late January.

The Westernaires is “a mounted precision drill organization composed of Jefferson County Colorado youth from 9 to 19 years of age,” according to the organization’s website.”

Westernaires provides training in western riding, precision drills, and horse care. It comprises various teams, including Healy’s, the Precisionettes, which travels both in state and out of state performing in rodeos and stock shows. Healy has been involved for five years, deciding to join after spending time around the organization due to her sister’s involvement.

“It’s basically people on horses riding really fast with flags to make cool shapes,” says Healy.

The Westernaires had teams performing in almost every event in the National Western Stock Show. The Precisionettes performed in the National Western Parade and the Cowboys Wear Pink pre-show. Healy enjoyed the adrenaline rush of riding in front of hundreds of people, as well as a unique part of their drill.

“For part of our drill they turn off the lights and we have to ride in the dark. We’ve practiced it before but where we practice it’s never completely dark. At the stock show there were no windows so everything just went black and it was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time,” remembers Healy.

Aside from performances, Healy’s favorite part of Westernaires is the team aspect.

“I’m also a figure skater which is such a solo sport,” says Healy. “It’s amazing to have a team supporting you instead of having to compete against everyone.”

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