Gray wraps up competition season at The Broadmoor

One Heritage duo performed at The Broadmoor for the U.S. International Piano Duo Competition. This appearance was the final competition for Gray during her high school career. Photo courtesy of Carlee Gray.

Senior Carlee Gray brings talent to the stage as a thespian, to the classroom as a scholar and now to the musical world as a performer at the United States International Piano Duo Competition.

Gray has played the piano from the time she was four years old. For 13 years, she has practiced, competed and practiced still, all leading up to this final performance of her senior year held at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. She played alongside junior Annamarie Wright.

“We were selected to play because we sent in a recording of our piece to the judges. They get submissions from all over the world…so it was really an honor for us,” says Gray.

Competing at the Broadmoor Hotel and for an international competition was a worthwhile experience in and of itself for both Gray and Wright.

“Well, I’m more familiar with performing in an orchestra on the cello, so being able to perform on the piano in a beautiful venue was really nice to broaden my musical horizons. I plan on majoring in music education in college with cello as my major instrument and piano as my secondary instrument,” says Wright.

“To me, my performance was really something to be proud of. Even though we didn’t place in the competition, the fact that we got the opportunity to play at The Broadmoor hotel in the competition was a big honor. I really enjoyed practicing alongside Annamarie and loved the experience,” adds Gray.

Her talent goes beyond just herself and her recognition.

“I think it is amazing! Carlee is so talented and truly deserves recognition,” says Melissa Murphy ’16.

Despite this being an end to her senior year competitions, Gray continues to see piano being a part of her future, although also pursuing a different road in life.

“I can see piano always being a part of my future. Even though I am not going into a musical career and am choosing a different path of study, I still will be practicing on my own. I love to just sit down at the piano and play a random song I haven’t played in a while, so I can see myself doing that in the future,” says Gray.

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