Give ’em the buisness

 Two senior boys have made a splash in the Heritage student body with the new staple of the fan section. Reese Leiker and Danny Segura coined the term “Give Em’ the Business” on their idea for a fan T-shirt. The seniors created the idea of “RowdieBoy Apparel” late in their junior year and are finally bringing it to life.

Originally designed for seniors, the shirts became popular with over one hundred in circulation. Even teacher Mr. Sedivy wears his to school every once in awhile.

With growing popularity, the two young entrepreneurs decided to make a shirt design that is available to any age of student. The demand has become so high for these shirts they now have shelf space at the DECA store.

The next step for Leiker and Segura is  diversifying.

Seniors Reese Leiker and Danny Segura sell their t-shirts at their pregame tailgates. They plan to release more product by the end of the year.

“We intend to create more designs if we keep seeing the growth we’ve seen to this point. Right now, our next project is pocketed, long sleeve t-shirts that will most likely come in an undecided pastel color, but our main task is really to now create bumper stickers and pens,” says Leiker.

This design could include changed fonts, colors schemes, but still keeping their famous saying.

“It’s a great feeling to know that our product has, in a way, united people at sports  events. Not in hatred of the other team, but in pride in ourselves as a student body,” says Segura.

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