German student visits Heritage

From March 21 to April 18, Anna Lisa Nitschke from Germany will be staying with junior Kat Whitmore to experience life in the United States.

“I enjoy hosting Anna because it is helpful for me as a student to learn more about the German language and culture, as well as being tons of fun because we have become very close and great friends,” says Whitmore.

Nitschke arrived during Spring Break and comes to school every day with her host. She even participates in extracurricular activities.

“I love living with a new family because it doesn’t only show you a totally new world but it is a great opportunity to improve the language and get to know a lot of friendly people that become friends,” says Nitschke.

Nitschke is here through a program entitled The Friendship Connection, which gives German students the opportunity to come to America as well as the American host to go to Germany during summer break if they wish.

“I would recommend it to people because you get to have a relationship with someone halfway across the world. This is such a wonderful opportunity to experience new things and meet new people and see life from a non- American’s perspective,” says Whitmore.Kat

Nitschke is here for the second time, after coming to visit Whitmore last year through this program and hos
ting Whitmore last June at her home in Germany.

“I have loved it with Kat and her family. We had so much fun and I am glad I am able to repeat that,” says Nitschke.

To sign up to be a host students have to go online in the fall to sign up, fill out a profile with a picture and basic information. They then can browse the German student’s profiles to request someone who could be a great match. The organization sends more information and the students normally fly into DIA.

“You don’t even have to speak German to be a host,” says Whitmore.

Nitschke added, “It is fun for you too, you definitely find a new friend, maybe for life.”

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