Fun Facts on Faculty

Ms. Smith can read and write backwards and is currently pregnant.

Ms. Gustafson used to live in Hawaii when she was a little girl and attended the same high school as Barack Obama (Punahou School) and she also used to be a professional singer before she was a teacher.

Ms. Hurley has 15 cup holders in her Minivan and also used to work at Hobby Lobby fluffing Christmas trees

Coach Griebel has been a coach at Heritage for the past 31 years and all 3 of this children have attended Heritage

Ms. Libbey collects llamas and also has a huge clown head on the top of her house’s roof

Mr. DeStefano fell in love for the 1st time after reading Romeo and Juliet freshman year, He also lived abroad in South Korea for a year and once he thought he was Martin Luther King Jr. reincarnated.

Mr. McClurg was 6 foot in the 6th grade and has also been to 48 states missing Alaska and Hawaii.

Ms. Hall enjoys singing out loud when she rides her road bike because she feels singing is good for the soul; she also loves dancing and loves giving her students dance pointers before HHS dances.

Coach Rossing loves to run and c0vers over 400 miles in June and July; she also loves hunting, fishing and camping.

Mr. Fischer loves rats because they are smart and friendly. He also dreams about different apocalyptic scenarios usually once every week so that when the apocalypse comes he will  be ready. His favorite kind of jokes are fart jokes but he hates when people fart.

Ms. Cummings was an assistant coach for the girl’s varsity lacrosse team at Arapahoe before she started teaching at Heritage.

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