Football in Florida

Football Story Picture-Morgan Smith

The Football team stretches in preparation for their practice.

After coming back from Florida, the Heritage football team is ready for this season.

Although the boys lost, they gained a lot from the experience. Coaches Tyler Knoblock and Justin Byleveld see that the team can really work together. With a team that can work together on and off the field, the football players are a close knit family that plays for not only Heritage, but for each other.

“I liked how we responded to adversity,” says Byleveld, the outside linebacker coach.

Playing a team that was at a higher playing level helped show the team and the coaches their strengths and weaknesses, which they can learn from and use later in the season.

“We bonded in the second half,” says Jared Leonard ’15, a wide receiver on the team.

Knoblock sees the boys having a bright season in the future. They are making plays and the staff and players will continue to click into place.

“We sit down and look at the film and they realize how close they are,” says Knoblock.

This team has been training and is ready to be competitive this season. They have seen their challenges in Florida, and they are ready to address them and get better throughout the season.

“I really want to beat Arapahoe this year,” says Frank Umu ’15, a defensive tackle on the team.

“Once we all start working together, we are a tough team to beat. I’m looking forward to the next couple of games and eventually the play-offs,” says Keith Heimbrock ’15, a corner back on the team.

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