Finding a way to stay safe

It’s hard to believe all of the violence that has occurred over the past year. Many people have been killed in tragic shootings around the United States. Many people are calling for reformed gun laws, while others are vouching for more focus on helping people with mental illnesses, and I believe that at this point in time there is not a sole answer to how America can prevent more shootings. I do believe that there are actions that can be taken to help prevent things this atrocious from becoming such a prevalent aspect of our society.

For one, we need to figure out how to help people with mental illnesses. Before people are able to buy guns, there should be a strict process that every person must go through to ensure that there is no history of mental illness. People who wish to purchase guns should have to go through rigorous background checks and there should be a law that those who wish to purchase a weapon should be approved by a psychiatrist.

Another way to prevent these shootings would be to stop selling automatic rifles to the public. The sole purpose of automatic weapons is to kill, and there is no purpose for anyone to have a weapon that has that kind of potential. With these guns in our society, there is a much larger chance of people deciding to kill others.

I do believe, however, that the most important aspect of preventing more people from dying in mass shootings is to stop glamorizing the killers. After every shooting, there seems to be more focus on the killer than the victims. The questions are always “Why did the killer do it?” “How did he get the weapons?” “Were there any signs that he could do something like this?” “How old was he?” “Why didn’t his parents raise him better?” There are never any questions about the victims. The country is in mourning, but not very many people know the names of those killed. Most of the people in this country know the name of the shooter, but not of any of the people hurt in the incident. The questions that should be asked are ones like “Who were those people that were hurt?” “What did they contribute to the world while they were alive?” “How can we remember them?” “How can we help their loved ones?” Other people look at the attention that the shooters get and think t hat they want that kind of attention. Cutting it off from the source, the media, would prevent more incidents like this from happening.

It’s time for change in America. We all need to come together and figure out how to make this country safer from incidents like all of the ones that we have seen over the past year.

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