Finals Advice for Freshmen

  As finals week approaches, freshmen are left to try and conquer this new experience, with only Cram Fest to help guide them. All other grades have at least a year of experience, so sophomores have advice for freshmen about surviving through finals week. 

Miranda Pinales ’20 reflects on her time as a freshman during finals week and thinks of what she would have liked to have known then.

  “Finals are stressful, and I was not going to like them,” she says

  Jillian Villarreal ’20 agrees, saying “It’s a really big deal, and has a bigger impact on your grade than you expect.”

  Both agree that freshmen should study the most for finals for classes that are more important and that they have the worst grade in. A great way to decide which finals to study the most for is to use, a final grade calculator, to help figure out what grade is needed on the final in order to get the grade wanted for whichever class.

  When it comes to preparing and studying for finals, Villarreal highlights the most important thing.

  “Don’t wait till the last minute to study,” she says. “Understand the content first then study,” she adds.

  Pinales concurs, saying “I wish [last year] I would have studied more during the rest of the day after finals.”

  Overall, both sophomores agree that the two best things to do to be successful on finals week is to avoid procrastinating and don’t stress too much over the little things and instead focus on doing the best possible.FINALSStudents study for finals on their last normal day of school.


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