Expressing through Color

The new “in thing” for today’s generation is to dye their hair. People of all ages are dyeing their hair because it makes them feel more individual and unique.

“All natural” is no longer in style. To stand out, people are dyeing their hair. The haircolors that are the most in style at the moment are very light pastels, all shades of purple, silver and different shades of ombres.

“I dye my hair because I think it looks unique and pretty. It’s a way to express myself,” says Jordan Clouse ’17.

Everyone is going to have an opinion on the hair colors of today. Even people who do not dye their hair might like the look on others, just not for themselves. Some people like the colors and the individuality shown, while others think that it is completely unnatural.

“Everybody loves it and I get lots of compliments, but I get weird looks with my eyebrows dyed,” says Paige Irving ’17.

Irving says that her favorite colors to dye her hair are blue and lime green. Clouse comments that she loves dying her hair purple. Romero says that pastel pink is her favorite.

Some people think that hair defines who a person is, but some people disagree with that stereotype. Hair color can show an individual’s favorite color, personality or style, but it does not have to.

“I think my hair is the opposite of my personality. I’m so introverted, but my hair is so outgoing,” says Irving.

“It does not define me because the stereotypes about people with colored hair are wrong,” says Romero.

Different hair colors make people unique and individualized. The colors people dye their hair make them feel special and different from everyone else; even a simple ombre can stand out from the natural brown.

haircolor pic-KW

Three junior girls stand out from the rest of the Heritage community with the bright hair colors that they have dyed their hair.

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