Exchange students travel to Heritage

Exchange students come to Heritage. They are eager to learn and adapt to the American Education system and culture.

Exchange students come to Heritage. They are eager to learn and adapt to the American Education system and culture.

Every year exchange students travel across the world to attend Heritage High School.

This year Cecilia Finelli ’18 traveled from Italy to Heritage in search of a new adventure.

“I personally think that Heritage is a great place where you can learn things and have fun. I like that a student can choose [their] subjects,” says Finelli.

Cecilia Finelli also talks about her love for Colorado, though she thinks it’s too cold for an Italian.

“I love the Rocky Mountains, they remind me about the Alps, where I go skiing. I’ve also been to Denver and I think that it’s marvelous because it’s big but not that chaotic,” says Finelli.

Finelli will be here at Heritage all year and she has high hopes that it will be a great year full of new opportunities.

“I hope to have fun, to see as much as I can about your society and your lifestyle as teenagers. I hope to improve my language and become more independent from my family,” says Finelli.

So far, Finelli has been off to a good start and Heritage has been a welcoming community for her.

Also, Seohyeon Park ’18 has traveled from South Korea in search of new experiences. One of Seohyeon’s favorite parts about Heritage so far is the football games because they don’t have things like that for high schoolers to attend in Korea. Korea is different from Colorado in many ways.

“I like Colorado’s landscape. We can see beautiful mountains here,” Park says.

Park is eager to experience new things in her time at Heritage.

“I want to be more independent and get courage through experiencing various activities and doing new challenges. I also want to meet many people [and] friends here,” says Park.

Lastly, Kiko Diaz-Andreu ’19 has come to Heritage from Spain. Kiko is interested in basketball at heritage.

“I like how if you play a sport, you have a place to do it,” says Diaz-Andreu.

Kiko is also experiencing new things in Colorado. For example, he enjoys the activities Denver has to offer.

“I went to the Taste of Colorado and I love food. I loved it there,” says Diaz-Andreu.

Kiko is here in Colorado for nine months, and he hopes to get the most out of his experience.

“I want to leave here with a lot of new friends and new culture and to have contacts here,” says Diaz-Andreu.

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