Desserts freeze at -321 degrees Fahrenheit

Liquid nitrogen. A staple in the realm of science. But now, it is becoming a staple in the world of food science. Denver now has a local dessert shop that incorporates liquid nitrogen into their dishes in front of your eyes. Recently, teenagers around the country have been infatuated by the idea of these treats that steam from the mouth. A few people at Heritage have visited the Inventing Room recently.

Christine Hinkley ’18 experienced the Inventing Room this past summer.

“It is a very interesting and unique place. Right when you walk in, the feeling of the Inventing Room is so cool and the decorations are based on the scene in ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ where Violet turns blue. The menu has a variety of cool items ranging from miracle berries that change your sense of taste, to cheetos, to ice cream. I really enjoy going there and experiencing it with my friends. My favorite item on the menu is the lemon curd ice cream,” she says.

Emira Kitko ’18 heard about it from social media. 

“It’s a really cool concept and it’s an interesting new thing to try. I think my favorite thing is the exploding whipped cream because it is frozen in liquid nitrogen and eating it feels really weird because it pops in your mouth,” she explains.

Brenna Maloy ’19 speaks highly of the Inventing Room.

“It’s a really unique and cool place that is something unlike I’ve ever been to. It’s an awesome place to go with your friends when you are in the downtown area. The frozen cheetos are really interesting to eat because at first your teeth feel uncomfortable because the cheetos are so cold since they are frozen in liquid nitrogen. As you eat them, they are really fun and it is a really good experience,” she says.

The Inventing Room was located a block from the Coors Field on Lawrence street but it is currently being relocated to somewhere near Capitol Hill. On Trip Advisor, it has 4.5 stars out of 5 with no “poor” or “terrible” reviews. It is highly recommended for people of all ages to visit and to find out the new location, people can check out their website by searching “Inventing Room” on google for the latest news.

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