Designing the Future

The Concurrent Enrollment Fashion Design Class creates dresses for a paper design challenge. The class meets two days a week at Ames Elementary.
Photo courtesy of Alex Obourn.

For many students concurrent enrollment is a possibility to study outside the walls of Heritage and to test the waters of possible careers before heading to college. For for senior Alex Obourn the concurrent enrollment is just that.

Alex is one of eight students who takes the Fashion Design course at Ames Elementary near Tony’s Meat Market on Dry Creek.

“I found out about the class last year from Mrs. Perry. She knew I am into Fashion and sewing so she asked if I was interested in taking that class,” says Obourn.

The class meets early Tuesday and Thursday for two hours which replaces Obourn’s first and second hours.

“Mrs. Rains, our teacher, has a coffee machine and it only costs 50 cents, so we are all very awake in the morning,” Obourn beams.

The class learns about fashion trends, major designers, how to sew, what it is like to be a designer and manufacture clothes, and how to draw and color their designs. They design outfits for paper dolls and fandangos; and  create a phone case, aprons, an outfit of choice, and an optional project for FCCLA.

Obourn blushingly says, “My favorite design is my outfit for FCCLA; it is a long jacket with a skin tight dress. The drawing is cooler than it sounds.”

Alex believes that anyone who is interested in fashion design should consider this class because not only do the students learn how to sew and create outfits, but they can meet and become friends with other amazing people who take the class. Though, if anyone wishes to take the class she recommends they talk to their counselor soon because Mrs. Rains told her that if more students do not sign up for the class they may have to end it.

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