Cultural school differences

Heritage students going to school
The Heritage school day looks very different from those in different areas of the world.

Students from North America to Australia to China have varied times, months, and frequency of when they come to school.

  From about seven until two, Heritage students are at school where they learn from multiple teachers. The teaching lasts five days a week constantly until the weather changes and holiday breaks give students a time to refresh themselves. In America, this is the average school life for every child. In some countries, this time is considered too early and some Heritage students agree.

  “Trying to learn at seven in the morning isn’t exactly fun or the easiest thing to do when you’re still trying to open your eyes,” says Kelsea Castor ‘15.

   But in different countries around the world, depending on their weather and their laws, students go to school later or earlier, which could affect their global educational standings.

  Students in Australia go to school a total of 200 days, with breaks between their terms for two weeks. They have four terms that last about nine to eleven weeks. They usually start school at about nine in the morning and go until half past three in the afternoon.

  In China, the seasons are very similar to America and other Northern Hemisphere countries. Students go to school from half past seven and go until five in the evening. But even though their summer is during the same months as America, students in China usually go to summer classes as well. Most kids despite their good grades are forced to go to school during this time.

  “I think it’s too much pressure to be in school for anymore than eight hours. I get that you have to study to succeed, but that’s a lot of time at school,” says Cameron Graves ‘14.

  In South Korea, students go to school for two semesters. One goes from March until July, and the next goes from September until February, with a couple weeks for their breaks. Their start time for school is at eight with a morning and lunch break and then ends at four. Even though South Korea doesn’t sound like it is a lot more pressure than America; they have very strict rules make the curriculum around nine principal ideas. The rate of suicides in this developed country for students is shocking since it’s the highest rate for high schoolers. All the pressure put on the students to have success cause them to be in a depressing state of mind.

  In other countries, the pressure isn’t as high, but school still lasts a longer amount of time than America. In France, school is from eight and goes until five with no school on Sundays or Wednesdays, but a partial day of school on Saturday. Since they have the same weather as America, they also follow the same duration at school within the sames months with a couple weeks of vacation between their terms, which last seven weeks.

  The trends and traditions of certain countries vary depending on their culture, but in America, school isn’t as much of a pressure as other countries like South Korea and China. The ranking of America on a worldwide scale isn’t as high, but the suicide rate isn’t as much either.

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