Cooking with Williams

A fresh set of challenges faces new cafeteria worker Tonya Williams, who is up to the task and ready to help feed Heritage.

She is coming to Heritage with experience from catering out of Whitman to other districts and is excited for the job at a bigger kitchen in a high school. She’ll be fixing up sandwiches and monitoring the brand new food bar in the cafeteria, which will have all different kinds of fresh treats every day. 

Williams loves being part of a school community. She thinks the kids add to the excitement of her job and make it worthwhile. Having four children only adds to the warmth and joy she feels for the job.

“I’ve got four little girls at Centennial Academy,” Williams remarks, “so I think I’ll be able to handle the kids here.”

Williams is still very new to Heritage but is settling into the high school environment with ease. Her main goal here is to bring healthier and more wholesome meals to Heritage students. Like a lot of students, Williams doesn’t like that lunch periods are not a required part of Heritage schedules, and so she is trying her best to make every bite count.


Williams serves up some fresh rice with her signature smile. She is standing at the brand new food bar, which offers a variety of different, healthy options.

“She can jump hurdles; I’ve seen it,” remarks kitchen manager, Sharon Schrepfer.

Williams has worked hard to pursue her dreams and has some advice for students:

“Love yourself. You’re the only you that you have,” remarks Williams.

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