Conducting Boettcher Hall


Thirteen members of the Heritage High School Orchestra were chosen to be in the Continential League Orchestra.

In the midst of hundreds of people, thirteen Heritage students had no idea that they would be among the one hundred and nine high school students selected to be in the Continental League Orchestra.

On Monday, October 29, members of the Heritage Orchestra and Mr. Fischer, the director of Heritage’s Orchestra, traveled to Highlands Ranch High School to audition for the Continental League Orchestra that would be performing in Boettcher Hall in January of 2013.

The orchestra works extremely hard for the opportunity and it also has a record to uphold.

“Heritage High School consistently sends one of the highest numbers of students to continental league each year,” says Fischer.

“Before auditioning, we had to sign up on a waiting list,” says Shannon Pansini ’15.

Pansini is lucky enough to be one of the thirteen to make it in.

“I got to Highlands Ranch High School at four o’clock and I didn’t get to audition until 7:30 p.m,” says Pansini.

Students had to play an excerpt from a symphony piece and sight read for the audition. After a week, the results were revealed.

“I felt excited [about getting in] because they choose the best people out of all the schools,” says Alienor Doremieux ’15, another selected performer.

There are only three rehearsals and they are not easy.

“The conductors just keep going,” says Pansini.

“I feel nervous [about the performance] because the music is much harder than expected,” says Doremieux.

The Continental League Orchestra performed at Boettcher Hall on January 14, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. for the Continental League Music Festival.

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