Community Relations prepares for MAD Week

MAD Week may not be until the second week of April, but the Community Relations Club is already hard at work planning the event.

“This year we’re doing a sort of ‘MAD Week Remix,’” says the club’s vice president Celeste Borg ’16.

Community Relations

Club members run the Community Relations stand at Showcase Night. Community Relations puts on MAD Week every year to raise money for a selected cause.

The week will look different with new events and a changing schedule.

“We will still be honoring the voice of the student body and taking submissions for the organizations,” says the co-president Katy Cohen ’16. “But we are reversing the order in which the student body gets to decide.”

The club may have five more months to plan, but there’s a lot of work to do.

“MAD Week takes a while to plan because of how much we honor the wishes of the student body,” says Cohen. “We don’t have a template to follow; we cater the week to the decisions that our students make, and so it takes a long time to plan.”

Borg is currently running an interview series with members of the school in order to get student voice involved in the changes.

“Community Relations is special to me because we’re completely student-oriented,” says Borg. “From the leadership in the club to the way we choose our causes every year, every decision starts and ends with the students.”



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