Choir entertains throughout the year

The choir group has completely changed this year for the boys’. The new boys choir group is call the “Alpha Wolf Squadron.” They do a lot more dancing than they did in past years.

“My favorite part of choir is how it feels after we put on a great show,” says Mr. Andrew Fischer, choir director.

Some major changes in the future will be a completely new girls’ choir, modeled after Pitch Perfect. Auditions will be in April.

“This year is different from past years in that it is more of a multicultural program,” says Fischer.

There are about 90 people in the concert choir class this year.

“My favorite part of choir is the singing and Mr. Fischer,” says Vlanca Jeannoutot ’16.

Vlanca has been in choir since the third grade, she has been doing choir with Mr. Fischer since her freshman year.

“This class has taught me more technical music because of singing with other people. Choir directly affects my life in that it helps me improve my singing for a later career,” says Jeannoutot.

Upcoming Choir Concerts:

March 16th @ HHS 6:30- Spring Concert

April 19th @ HHS 6:30- LPS Vocal Showcase

May 4th @ HHS 6:30- Large Ensemble

choir concert photo done
The “Alpha Wolf Squadron” performs at the Choir Concert.



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