Alpine Club climbs to new heights

Heritage’s Alpine Club has kept busy since the start of the school year, taking their first hike up Goliath Peak on August 25. The kick off hike of the year offered new members a taste of what the club has to offer. Mr. Warren, Heritage Math Teacher, has been sponsoring the club for 18 years.

“My favorite things about the club is the ability that it gives me to see the beauty of Colorado and all of its natural wonder, and the other is Mr. Warren himself. His constant energy and excitement to get us all up to the top really makes the hikes an incredible experience,” says Alpine Club member Scott Spangler ’20.

The club devoted their weekends to early mornings of hiking places like the Abyss Lake Trail and Mount Bierstadt.

New to the club, Liberty Tyus ’20, comments on the experience of her first hike.

“The first hike I went on was Mt. Bierstadt. This was also my first 14er. It was really difficult at some points of the hike but making it to the top made it all worth it!” says Tyus.

Alpine Club members are offered opportunities unique to the club and Colorado. On October 13, students hiked the snow covered Peaks Y and Z. Club member Mark Spangler ’20 reflects on the trip.

“There was something special about the sheer remoteness of the Y and Z peaks. I hiked the castle last year and it’s still just as much fun to drink tea atop a glorious granite summit. I really felt my bonds with the other hikers grow that day,” M. Spangler says.

Both new and returning members were eager to begin a year full of new challenges, knowing that the extraordinary experiences and friendly atmosphere of the club are well worth the physical exertion required.

“I joined Alpine Club because I love to hike and I’d heard great things about it!” Tyus says.

M. Spangler comments on one of the experiences Alpine Club had to offer.

“Seeing a herd of bighorn sheep crunch through a frozen hillside was something else, and knowing that no other human was around for miles upon miles made the beauty of the Rocky Mountains that much more special,” says M. Spangler

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Track and Field hosts Liberty Bell amid exciting season

Every year around the end of April, Heritage hosts a huge track meet with about 40 schools participating. Organizing the event this year is the head track coach Mr. Tyler Knoblock, from the Physical Education Department. The meet was held on April 27 after school and April 28 during most of the day.

Ms. Jill McCormick from the Math Department ran the event in the past. She emphasizes the need to prepare and be ready for any circumstances. The organizer especially has to be aware of the weather conditions.

“One time the wind picked up a tent and blew it across the track,” McCormick recalls.

“Mentally I’m really excited because [the event] was canceled last year,” comments Braxton Sorenson ’18.

Sorenson is happy with how he has progressed in his training and is optimistic about the meet.

Knoblock is organizing the event according to the format used in past years.

“I do a good job of delegating things between coaching staff, parents and the Athletic Department. It’s all taken care of,” comments Knoblock.

According to McCormick, Heritage has performed best during the individual events in the past years. Knoblock’s goal for this year is very simple.

“I hope a lot of athletes find great success. I’m just trying to make it as good a representation of our program as possible,” he says.

Knoblock’s goal speaks for the purpose of the event itself. It’s meant to represent Heritage and encourage athletes to do their best.

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Longtime coach, staff member leaves Heritage

Mr. Scott Hormann is a staff member who has served this school in various ways for the past 10 years. Recently, Hormann decided that he would be leaving his position as a member of the security team at the conclusion of the 2017-2018 school year.

“I have my own business, Colorado Khaos, which is something that I have been doing for 10 years. I also started a broadcasting show that covers high school sports games all over the state. Working on both of these things has been very difficult in addition to my job here at Heritage, and so I have decided to commit to those full time. The decision to leave has been difficult, as I love the administration, teachers and kids here. It has been a huge part of my life, and getting to watch kids come in as freshmen with no identity and then leave as strong young men and women has been one of the best things to be a part of. I have made so many incredible relationships with students here, and leaving that will definitely be difficult to do,” says Hormann.

Trevor Young ’18 is a student who has formed a good relationship with Hormann during his time here, both as a student, and as an athlete under Hormann’s position as a baseball coach.

“Coach Hormann has been someone who I have always loved seeing at school, and with him being my coach, I really had an opportunity to build a relationship with him. I think that he has always really connected with a lot of students, and it is really unfortunate that future students won’t get to know him like so many of my classmates and I did,” says Young.

Hormann’s business has grown tremendously since he started it, and now that he is also adding a broadcasting show to his schedule, he is very busy outside of Heritage walls. His show will be on the Colorado Sports Prep AT&T Network for anyone hoping to hear live coverages of high school games.

Hormann works at the front desk during the school day. This was one of his many duties as a security guard for the school.

Hormann works at the front desk during the school day. This was one of his many duties as a security guard for the school.

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Hockey finishes strong

A Heritage hockey player takes a shot and scores during a varsity game. Moments like these have made the team a powerful force this season.

A Heritage hockey player takes a shot and scores during a varsity game. Moments like these have made the team a powerful force this season.

The Heritage varsity hockey team is having a successful run this season so far with their recent 3-1 win over Resurrection Christian, their 6-1 win over Pine Creek and their 2-2 tie with Aspen. However, they lost to Vail 8-9 but they will work to get better. The team started off with ice strength and conditioning camps which ran four days a week this past June.

“We do a number of skills camps in June and July. We offer skills based camps like checking, scoring and puck protection. We have a lot going on in the summer. We also compete in the Colorado Prep Hockey League in Sept and Oct. We look at Heritage Hockey as a three season program,” states Jeremy Sims, head Varsity Hockey Coach for Heritage High School.

The varsity hockey team also does a number of team bonding activities because a connection between the teammates is important for communication and unity in the team.

“In August, we offer the two-week Heritage Hockey Academy and then a one-week Leadership Camp. In the early fall, we will also do a weekend trip to the mountains,” states Sims.

The passion within the team and teammates has to be strong in order to have enough motivation and grit to play in varsity hockey.

“I feel it is two parts: a love of hockey and a love of the school and community. Hockey is a very passionate sport and to play it at a high level you have play on the edge. The change is now they get to play for their school, wear the school colors and play in front of other kids they go to school with. There is a great deal of pride that goes with playing for Heritage High School and the Littleton Public School District,” states Sims.

Students new to the Heritage hockey team have formed bonds since they started. The Heritage team also includes students from Littleton, Arapahoe, and Options.

“I have made many friends from every school. I have played hockey for about 8 years and wanted to continue to play representing the high school. Also, I wanted to meet more people at Heritage,” states right wing Joe Carpinello ’20.

Overall, the Heritage hockey team works hard to play at their highest ability and is currently working on getting better to win more games for the school.

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Boys’ Volleyball grows in size

In recent years, many sports have become more prominent in the world of high school athletics. One of the best examples of this is the rise in population of boys’ volleyball athletes. In the state of Colorado, the number of boys playing volleyball has grown to a more impactful number involved in the last five years says John Speraw, Men’s National Coach and UCLA Coach. With the exponential growth and popularity of the sport, it is expected that in the coming years, CHSAA will authenticate it as a state sanctioned sport.

The Heritage team is coached by Hannah Eberle and currently holds a record of 9-12. At the end of the season the boys are about 34th out of 61 teams in the state, making them one of the more balanced boys’ volleyball programs in the state.

“So far, the team has improved a ton since last year, even with a lot of new players,” says Jordan Phung ’18.

The team is constantly running plays which take a lot of chemistry, on and off the court. The boys seem to be working well together, growing in skill and understanding. Their chemistry is further proven by a bravado of risky, athletic moves made in order to win.

“This season has been a blast and all the coaches have been super helpful since I’m new to the sport,” says Isaac Troxler ’20.
This team is racking up experience and points as they finish the season with a great league standing at 5-5. Their growth was notable on the year.

Outside hitter Jordan Phung ’18 attacks the ball in a home game against Falcon High School. Phung is part of the strong senior base that has been this team’s foundation in their early stages.

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Lawrence leads on the court

The basketball season at Heritage High School has kicked off with a bang. One standout player on the Varsity team is turning heads. Matthew Lawrence ’18 is averaging 18 points and 5 rebounds per game. Lawrence is attracting the attention of all sorts of people. But there is much more behind this star basketball player. Matt has been playing basketball for 7 years. He fell in love with the sport when he was introduced to basketball by his parents.

“When I first started playing, it was a great way to have fun and keep me busy,” says Lawrence.

Over the course of his basketball career, Lawrence has learned that if he wants something he needs to put in the work. His biggest inspiration is his personal trainer Nick Graham.

“My personal trainer is always pushing me to do better and constantly trying to help me improve my game,” states Lawrence.

Lawrence is looking forward to continuing to enhance his basketball game during his college education after he finishes this season and graduates from Heritage High School.IMG_0332

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Fall athletes gear up for season


Mike Egebrecht, a former wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in personal training. Egebrecht is Heritage’s strength and conditioning coach, as well as an assistant football coach. He’s here full-time this year, working with PACE students during the day.

Egebrecht began working with a few teams last year, but it wasn’t until this summer that he started Monday-Thursday strengthening workouts with many of the sports. He caters to what skills each sport requires.

“Some lifts were all general but many were specific. A baseball player doesn’t need to get bulky like a football player, so many of their lifts look different. This is the first time we’ve had that,” says Athletic Director Brock Becker.

Before the school year even starts, athletes devote their mornings to these training programs and others.

“Before the season we have pre-season training which happens four times a week in the morning around 6. We have one hour of weights and then one hour of open gym,” says volleyball player Zoe Bibb ‘20.

Cross country runners had 10 weeks of summer practices which included different workouts and runs depending on the day, followed by weight training.

“We had to do weight training right after practice so when we were super sore we would do light workouts or just stretch. But other times they were pretty hard with a lot of balance and strength for what a cross country runner needs,” says runner Kara Sears ‘18.


Football players encourage their teammate during a lift.

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Baseball slams into season

As the preseason expires and the baseball season quickly begins, Heritage’s baseball team is giving their all in order to be well equipped to be successful.

“Our first three games will be the biggest,” says Casey Opitz. ’17 “We’ll play Westminster and Arapahoe right away and then we play Cherry Creek, which is a very good team,  so I think if those three games end on high notes, the rest of the season will follow.¨

Rather than being focused on their rank in state, the team is more focused on refining as many of their techniques as possible to be more successful on the field.

¨We have two pitchers that do unbelievable things on the mound, and our hitting follows do, then we´ll be something to watch out for.¨ says Opitz.

Last year the team was ranked in the top five before playoffs and is hoping to improve upon that this year.

The players have been doing lifting and conditioning to prepare for the season since October.

Coach Scott Hormann has been at Heritage for nine years and has been pushing his athletes to focus more on    the little things that make them better.

¨Every single swing means something in practice,¨ says Hormann. ¨You’re focused on doing things right. These players are focused on representing their teammates and their school as best as possible because they’re so proud of this school. I´ve worked in other schools, and this school really is a special place.”

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