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Crew Heads Q and A

December 1, 2016 Abigail Armstrong 0

The crews for “Rumors” worked hard to make sure everything went smoothly and looked nice, adding stress to their already hectic days.

Artist of the Month

February 11, 2016 Katherine White 0

Art has always been a part of Haley Brown’s life, ever since she was in the third grade she had a passion. She said that her teacher had them drawing something different every week and this is when she began to love art.

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The Optimist

December 17, 2015 Miranda Kemme 0

All throughout the halls silence ensues

While children everywhere are singing the blues

Finals are upon us without a doubt

Students and teachers tend to pout

Extra credit is not given

Bleeding profusely, because our hearts are riven

Living with the acceptance that your F’s will not become D’s…

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