CASB brings change

Six students and two sponsors from the Heritage High School Student Government traveled to the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs for the 74th annual Colorado Association of School Boards Conference.

Staying at the hotel for three CASB Picture lightneddays, Hannah Sullivan ’16, Caroline McLeod ’16, Lauren Peters ’16, Elise Laws’16, Jillian Theobald ’15, Rita Passaglia ’15, Mrs. Jami De Vries ’16 sponsor and Ms. Jill McCormick ’15 sponsor met with the Littleton Public School board and listened to two speakers, Vicki Phillips and Jim Collins.

“I liked Vicki Phillips because her message to the school boards was to trust teachers, and as a teacher, that was a very empowering message,” says Ms. McCormick, class of 2015 Student Government sponsor.

Jim Collins, author of the book “Good to Great” described the lessons that are taught throughout his book and what it means to go from good to great.

“My favorite part is the first day speaker; this year it was Jim Collins and he was amazing,” says Rita Passaglia, the Senior Class President.

The CASB Conference started in 1940 to build a communication and a stronger relationship between student leaders and their school boards. Students have the opportunity to watch and learn from leaders who make decisions that affect them directly and teaches leadership skills for high school and the real world after graduation.

CASB picture 02 cropped“We learned about how to make successful changes by getting people to accept and embrace change. We also talked to students from other schools about the problems they face and how they solved them or are trying to solve them. We met with the Littleton Public School Board of Education, asked them questions, and voiced our concerns,” says McLeod, Student Government 2016 President.

Students and advisors from Heritage hope to provide more information to students and by informing them when open board meetings take place so that students can see what decisions are being made in LPS that directly affect them. Students also brought up concerns at Heritage and discussed how these future problems could be taken back to administration to make some new changes in different places.


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