Helping the hungry

   Walking out of the Student Center, it is hard to miss the stacked cans of food in the display case directly across the hallway. But these cans of food are more than meets the eye, or mouth rather.

canned food drive

On the first week of the competition, students have raised over 200 cans. There are still two more weeks in the food drive.

   The Student Government and Class of 2014 have joined forces to conduct a food drive benefiting the less fortunate. Under the guidance of Ms. Amanda Hurley and Ms. Brittmarie Solís, the joint venture plans to raise two hundred cans of food per advisory class. If all goes according to this plan, each student would have to bring in an average of ten cans of food and then reach an astonishing 14,000 cans for the entire school.

   Instead of just bringing in cans and leaving them without a second thought, each advisory will be in a competition with each other to see who can raise the most. The class that wins will get rewarded with prizes such as doughnuts, bagels and a hot chocolate bar.

   “All the food is staying in the Littleton community and is being sent to St. Mary’s Food Pantry. It is important for students to know that there are those less fortunate in their backyards,” says Hurley.

   The efforts of both Heritage and St. Mary’s Food Pantry to donate well needed food to the less fortunate eases the pressure on the 11,167 homeless in Denver alone ( While the food drive here starts on Monday, November 4, and continues through the first three weeks of November, people can still donate nonperishable food to St. Mary’s Pantry year round.

   “It’s important for leadership to do this because it brings us together as a unit and it’s always a plus to feed people who are less fortunate,” says Solís.


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