Billeisen returns to the nest

Billeisen working with his seventh hour workshop class. Billeisen ensures that these students get the extra attention and help they need

Billeisen works with his seventh hour workshop class. As a teacher, he ensures that students feel supported and successful.

Self-described as happy, caring and approachable, Mr. J Wade Billeisen has joined the intervention staff at Heritage this year.

Billeisen may be new to the intervention staff, but he is far from new to Heritage. Billeisen graduated from HHS in 1995.

From there, he moved to North Carolina to study graphic design and drawing in college. Billeisen got a taste for teaching while studying abroad in Switzerland and then he returned to Colorado to gain his Master’s at the University of Denver.

“I love the mountains, but I will miss those North Carolina beaches,” says Billeisen.

After earning his degree and student teaching Billeisen then joined the Art Department at HHS. He taught for five years and again left to pursue other projects. He went to Greensboro, North Carolina and continued teaching art. While in North Carolina, he worked also as a graduation coach.

Billeisen continues to make sure that each student gets the opportunity to graduate upon his return to Heritage. Moving from the art world, Billeisen has grown into helping individuals who need a little more help preparing for the future.

“I want every student that walks through those doors to feel as good as I did, to feel part of something,” says Billeisen.

Although 20 years have passed since Billeisen walked through Heritage as a student, to him the school feels like the same Heritage. The staff has changed a lot but to Billeisen they are still a warm, wonderful group of people and according to him the student body is still a caring and including family. It is a family Billeisen is glad to be involved with.

“He interacts with kids in a way that makes them feel like someone is on their side,” says Ms. Laronda Lawson, Heritage counselor. “We are blessed to have him come back.”

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