Basketball goes to Reno

The boys and girls basketball teams of Heritage High School traveled to Reno, Nevada to compete against other high schools around the country. The girls had an extremely successful time and have a hopeful outlook for the season.

“We went 4-0 in Reno! This was the first time since coach Stephanie Rogers has been at Heritage a team has gone 4-0,” says Kara Sears ’18.

The team is looking hopeful for this coming league season. While in Reno the team picked their captains; Olivia Woods, Wiley Coin, and Haley Cechini.

“In Reno everyone became so close. I’m going to miss traveling with the team,” says Olivia Woods.

The girls basketball team took home a win against Douglas County when they came home from Reno. The boys didn’t have as much success, but they learned a lot in Reno.

“Going to Reno really helped us bond as a time and made us realize what we need to work on,” says Alex Aratani ’17.

With the good comes the bad, and now they know what they need to improve on and what they need to keep doing.

“We played unselfishly and shared the ball well, but we really need to work on being mentally tough,” says Aratani.

Now back in Colorado, the boys won against Loveland High School.


The team posses after they win all four of their games. The girls are looking for a promising season this year.

Both teams believe they can achieve great things this season, they just need to keep working hard and more importantly, keep working as a team.

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