Thomas Wall


Overconfident snowboarders lead to crashes

Ever since snowboarding emerged in the 1970s, recreational skiers and mountain resorts have faced safety concerns for young skiers and in the face of an increase in injury risk due to reckless riders.

Professional drone company markets to kids

In 2014, Parrot, a French drone company, released two products intended for kids. The company specializes in making professional filming drones, and the drones designed for kids came as a surprise.

iOS 8 reaches out to Apple users

With new features, Apple released iOS 8 in September. This update offers more simplicity and connectivity in Apple devices.

Heritage institutes new lunch program

As of this year, the vending machines have been shut down for the majority of the school day in an attempt to create a healthier student body.

Cross Country runs for miles

As the cross country season kicks off, runners grit their teeth and prepare for Coach Runyon’s training. They strive to drop their times with every race and every training run.