Sydney Giesen


Dudley retires after 37 years


The end of the school year is drawing to a close, meaning it is time to say goodbye to a teacher who has spent 37 years at Heritage, Mrs. Heidi Dudley.

Webassign acts as busy work for students

As a students who has used Webassign for three of my five science classes, I think that I can easily say that instead of wasting my time googling answers to questions I haven’t even read, my time would be better spent looking at a study guide and spending time on things I actually need to know and asking questions.

LINK warms hearts

As Valentine’s Day has come and gone again, it has become a tradition to see over one thousand hearts hung up around the school as fun for everyone to go around a look for the one heart with their name on it, but what is the real reason behind the hearts?

Canned food drive changes for the better


As Thanksgiving has come and gone this year, there’s lot of people that still have leftover food from the holiday stuck in our fridge. However, there are also some who barely had any food to eat on Thanksgiving. This is why Heritage ran a canned food drive from October 24 through November 4 in hopes of collecting enough food to feed families at Field Elementary.

Heritage thespians travel downtown

On December 1 through December 3, Heritage’s own Thespian troupe #3759 traveled to the Convention Center in Downtown Denver for this year’s Thespian Conference (ThesCon), as they do every year. However, though students who have never had a part in the theater may have heard about ThesCon. they might not have any idea what it really is.

Schrader assists HHS

This year, Ms. Jill Schrader stand as a new assistant principal here at Heritage and is excited about all the new opportunities it provides.

Science curricula improves

As the era of technology advances in student’s daily lives, finding answers online has increased with this advancement; therefore, science classes are changing their curricula to promote thinking instead of cheating in the classroom setting.

Billeisen strives for late bus

In an effort to reach out to all students, Mr. Wade Billeisen, intervention specialist, is in the process of trying to get a bus to run once the after school activities are done.

Student Government volunteers

On December 12, members of Student Government will give back to the community by helping out the Project Cure Organization.

FCCLA cooks in The Breakfast Club

Starting at the beginning of first semester, Mr. Mark McKenna has been sponsoring The Breakfast Club to raise money for FCCLA.