Sydney Larson


Real world teachings- Personal Finance

Personal financing. It is a crucial role of “adulting” and here at Heritage High, we offer a personal financing class. “This class was super helpful to be able to fully understand budgeting, so in the long term I can be able to set real and attainable goals for budgeting,” says Calista Bannik ’18. This class is structured to be hands on and all about learning experiences. “The units that we cover include: goal writing, career development, paychecks, banking, credit and identity theft, insurance needs and housing and renting costs.  StudentsRead More

Sweet Goodbyes for LINK


The school year is coming to a close and LINK leaders from all around the school have said their goodbyes to their freshman advisories.

Heritage Introduces Boys’ Volleyball

New year, new coach, new sport. Heritage High volleyball hired a new head volleyball coach and to make an impact on the Heritage community, Hannah Eberle, started a boys’ volleyball team.

Basketball goes to Reno

The boys and girls basketball teams of Heritage High School traveled to Reno, Nevada to compete with other high schools around the country. The girls had an extremely successful time and have a hopeful outlook for the season.

6th Annual LPS Poetry Slam

Poetry. It’s a way for writers to speak their mind in a creative, fun way. In the sixth annual LPS poetry slam, five students represented Heritage. The night was full of crying; crying from laughing and crying from the broken lives people spoke about.

1 to 1 Technology Arrives at Heritage

Heritage High school has recently started a one to one technology program. Middle schools in LPS have already started this one to one program, so why is Heritage just now getting into it?