Sara Niswonger


Designing the Future

For many students concurrent enrollment is a possibility to study outside the walls of Heritage and to test the waters of possible careers before heading to college. For for senior Alex Obourn the concurrent enrollment is just that.

Alex is one of eight students who takes the Fashion Design course at Ames Elementary near Tony’s Meat Market on Dry Creek.

“I found out about the class last year from Mrs. Perry. She knew I am into Fashion and sewing so she asked if I was interested in taking that class,” says Obourn.

Print in the making

Nestled back in an art room on the first floor Mr. Bernal’s printmaking class is hard at work carving out various images for their next exciting assignment.

Senior Lauren Harrington recalls that the printmaking class works with three main types of prints; relief prints, reductive relief prints, and intaglio prints.

Conquering the US from across the pond

Close your eyes and picture a camera zooming in on Highclere Castle and then cutting to a service bell downstairs ringing from the Saloon all set to the theme song “Did I Make the Most of Loving You.” The show that immediately burst into your head was “Downton Abbey”, right? If it wasn’t, the phenomenon-of-the-period drama is eagerly awaiting to blow your mind.