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HHS helps young leaders

” The spring of 2014 has proved to be a busy season for the students of Heritage High School’s Student Government as they put on their first-ever leadership conference for elementary school students at Wilder Elementary on April 18.”

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TSA prepares for state

The Technology Student Association is hard at work putting the final touches on their projects for the upcoming state conference being held at the end of February at the Denver Tech Center.

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The economics of pot

Colorado’s economic future is now looking better than ever with a very unlikely candidate to boost our economy: marijuana. Yes, in the eyes of Colorado lawmakers, cannabis equals cash, and a lot of it. According to9News, pot sales exceeded $1 million on first day. With estimated revenue of over $70 million by the end of this year according to Huffington Post, this profit means big things for the state of Colorado.

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Folk, film collide in ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’

Inside LLewyn Davis, a Coen Brothers film, is sure to be a critically-acclaimed piece as well as an audience-captivator. LLewyn Davis tells the story of a struggling folk singer in the early 1960’s.

With Greenwich Village serving as the backdrop to the film, the screen is home to a fairly well-known cast. Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan, and John Goodman support newcomer Oscar Isaac in the leading role.

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A new love for BMX

Connor Spaulding ’17 has been riding BMX for almost five years.“It’s been about 4 years since I’ve started but I have been riding competitively for only a year now,” says Spaulding.

BMX, the competitive motor bike sport, is something that was introduced to Spaulding by a friend.

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Helping the community one school at a time

The beginning of the school year for the Heritage High School Student Leadership class started off with a challenge of teamwork and organization. The Student Government-based class teamed up with Littleton High School to help deliver school supplies to both middle and high school students in need in the Littleton Public Schools District.

The project was initially started last spring when money was donated by the Student Government members to go toward the service project.

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The truth about fracking

The future of the environment depends on the industry of fracking. By continuing this invasive oil drilling process, the effects can ruin our natural landscape not only for this generation, but for the next.

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An inconvenient truth now a reality

The world’s animal population is rapidly declining everyday due to climate change. The polar bear is one of the many species in danger in part due to its melting habitat. In the last century, the earth has warmed approximately 1 degree Fahrenheit. These changes taking place in the climate are putting animals such as the polar bear in great danger.

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