Natalie Cozart


Dazzling audiences again

Not many people know that I’m actually a huge theatre kid. I’ve grown up performing in plays as well as watching professionals all around the country. Luckily, one of my ultimate favorite musicals is coming back to Denver again to dazzle audiences at the Buell Theatre from June 3 to July 5.

Traveling again

After taking nine students to England, France and Italy last summer, Ms. Jackie Peach is preparing for it again, this time to Spain and Portugal.

Dissecting animals to learn

Heritage High School offers a bi-weekly science course for juniors and seniors who love animals.

Zoology class is taught by Mrs. Shelly Hogan. The course overviews each of the animal phylum and also offers numerous invertebrate and vertebrate animal dissections. One of the main highlights of the class is the field trip to the Denver Zoo where all Zoology students are excused from school in order to study and watch live animals.

Finding the Eagle

See if you can find the three eagles hidden in each story.

Students travel abroad

Nine Heritage students and two teachers took the opportunity to travel across the world to experience new cultures.
It was a trip in the making. They had been planning for over a year and a half. But the chance finally came to stamp their passports and walk onto European territory.

No bake cookies delight

Jiffy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies:

These cookies are my Grandma’s homemade recipe and are easy to make in a hurry.

Reflecting on the years

Three women lead some of the most helpful upperclassmen in the school. Ms. Amanda Glerup, Ms. Patty Masciotro and Ms. Jill Rickard are the LINK sponsors at Heritage High School.

The Heritage LINK program is a selected group of dedicated and exceptional juniors and seniors that mentor the freshman throughout their first year in high school.

Guns part of the solution

The ability to obtain and carry a concealed weapon disturbs my wish that the world is safe.

I choose to believe that there is no reason to carry a gun on a person because that shouldn’t be the first reaction to a “life threatening” situation. I think people should call emergency enforcement if they should come into contact with a problem.

Coach Griebel released, community speaks out

The school administration sent out a letter to all the Heritage Football Families saying, “Mike Griebel is no longer coaching for Heritage High School. He has formally retired from his teaching career at the end of the current school year, as well.”

Privacy Lost

Airline passengers’ bodies are now protected virtually, but are subjected to more intensive pat-downs.

On October 4, 2013, the Transportation Security Administration oversaw a change in security regulations for passengers discouraged by the invasive security checks.