Morgan Smith


Trapped in a Box

This year for MAD Week, Heritage High School added a new fundraiser: the Teacher in a Box. Two teachers and an administrator were “trapped” in a box for an hour and the students could give money to either make them smile or squirm.

Change Wars for a cause

This year’s Spirit Week Change War money is going to the Colorado Veterans Project.

Juniors in the Senior Lot

Even though it’s not the official “Senior Lot,” it’s been a known around the school that that’s where some of the seniors park.

Holiday Home Decor

Want to add a little warm fall spirit to your favorite room? Here is a “how to” to make an easy autumn or holiday home decor or gift.

Football in Florida

After coming back from Florida, the Heritage football team is ready for this season.

Cheering for Heritage

The new cheer coach, Mr. Vincent DeMarco, is not only new to Heritage, but he is also new to Colorado.