Miranda Kemme


Independent Study Can Offering Extensive Learning


As someone who has taken every art class available, Independent Studies are a great option to further your interest in something that you enjoy. Whether it is English, art, or physical education, students are able to go beyond the curriculum offered at Heritage High School.

Individuality strikes Heritage

Individuality is expressed throughout Heritage. Whether it is jeans, yoga pants, designer clothes or pajamas, each student’s creativity is voiced by what is worn.

Lydia skates to success

While most people spend their time after school procrastinating, snacking, watching Netflix or perhaps doing homework, this is not the case for junior Lydia Waterman. Six days a week, for two hours and four hours during the summer, Waterman conditions and competes at the novice level for figure skating.< img src="http://heritagepioneer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/lydia-pic.jpg" align="right" height="50%" width="50%">

The Optimist

All throughout the halls silence ensues

While children everywhere are singing the blues

Finals are upon us without a doubt

Students and teachers tend to pout

Extra credit is not given

Bleeding profusely, because our hearts are riven

Living with the acceptance that your F’s will not become D’s…

Angelini brings heart to Heritage

From an early age, Christine Angelini has had a deep passion for helping others. Her extensive background in the field allows her to bring exciting ideas to the new position as the school Social Worker. Whether it’s support systems with eating disorders or chemical dependency, to hospitals or child protection, Angelini has done it all. Her drive in the job is mainly founded in her family. Having two boys, Chris and Nick, one in first grade and one in fourth, she feels though she has a greater insight on theRead More