Katherine White


Most used apps of 2016

1) Snapchat: Snapchat has become one of the most popular apps today because of the fact that it keeps people in communication quickly and easily. It allows users to send pictures with a text attached to it. Users are also able to chat quickly without sending pictures. Snapchat offers filters that show the time, temperature, and speed. You can also filter the color/tint of the photo taken. Recently filters were added that allowed a face swap, puppy face and other funny alterations to the picture.

Choir entertains in spring

choir concert done

Choir has had a performance every year for the student body of Heritage, but this year things are changing for the choir class. New music and themes are being introduced.

Artist of the Month

aom online KW pic

Art has always been a part of Haley Brown’s life, ever since she was in the third grade she had a passion. She said that her teacher had them drawing something different every week and this is when she began to love art.

Choir entertains throughout the year

The choir group has completely changed this year for the boys’. The new boys choir group is call the “Alpha Wolf Squadron.” They do a lot more dancing than they did in past years.

Expressing through Color

haircolor pic-KW
The new “in thing” for today’s generation is to dye their hair. People of all ages are dyeing their hair because it makes them feel more individual and unique.
“All natural” is no longer in style. To stand out, people are dyeing their hair. The haircolors that are the most in style at the moment are very light pastels, all shades of purple, silver and different shades of ombres.

New attendance clerk has overseas experience

Mrs. Amanda Mueller, a skier and mother of two, balances her schedule around Heritage High School helping students work towards a perfect attendance record and to be healthy individuals.