Kristin Good


Heritage alumnus wins Pulitzer Prize

Starting off in these Heritage hallways as a writer for The Pioneer, Eli Saslow moved on to become the 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner for his series in the Washington Post on the challenges that people face while living on food stamps. The Pulitzer Prize is an award given out thirteen times per year for American Journalism, music, or literature.

Getting back to a passion

I have played soccer since the age of three, and have never taken a season off by choice until last fall. For the first time in 14 years, I decided to commit myself to other things besides the sport that I have put years of hard work and effort into.
After taking nearly a year off, I made a quick decision to play my last season in my high school career. Without running, working out, or playing soccer in a year, I went into tryouts nervous but also excited to get back to what I love.

Wamsley’s journey to Heritage

Attending Penn State, Mr. Brett Wamsley did not make the decision to teach until his junior year of college. After working at summer camps and taking on the role of a leader, he realized that a Biology major with good leadership is perfect for teaching. Moving here for the fishing, skiing, and outdoor activities in 2003, he now claims to be Colorado proud.

Art thrives in his soul

Senior Max Dahl has been pursuing his artistic talent for as long as he can remember. Since the age of four, he has had pieces of art portrayed for all to see, and it hasn’t slowed down as the years have passed. He has taken and taught a wide range of art classes from weekend drawing courses to being asked at the age of 14 to intern and help teach wheel thrown pottery classes through South Suburban. He also attended the Denver School of the Arts which encouraged him to expand all his skills as an artist.

Lessons learned by travel

Over the summer, I flew from Denver to Uganda, Africa to spend a month serving and living in a new environment. My experience began being overwhelmed with all the kids rushing me because of my skin color. But soon enough, I was not overwhelmed, instead my love for those kids grew and grew, and I began to learn what true joy is. These kids have grown up with what most westerners would consider nothing, and yet they have an overflowing joy that spreads onto everyone that they come near too. They dance and sing with a carefree spirit because they are thankful for the little that they do have.

Boys soccer takes control

Through hard work, fast play, and focus, the Varsity Boys Soccer team led by seniors Josh Peil, Luke Ryan, and Conrad d’Leeuwen are determined to work as hard as it takes to do well in playoffs.
“This year I expect that we can make a run in the playoffs and hopefully get back to the state championship game,” says Peil, who has been playing since the age of eight.