Kenneth Fagan


Denton shares Appalachian journey


On Friday, February 12, Heritage staff member Andra Denton shared the story of her journey hiking the Appalachian Trial to 10 honors English classes to tie in with their curriculum for “Into the Wild”.

Heritage applies new Infinite Campus feature


During second semester, Heritage is using the newly implemented feature on Infinite Campus that automatically sends an email to parents when a student has a D or an F in a class.

Heritage Idol hits the stage


This year Heritage will be holding its very first three week singing competition: Heritage Idol.

How teachers imagined their future

There’s a big difference between the way life goes and the way we imagine it, especially from the mind of a child.

Cuthrell pays it forward

Mr. Garren Cuthrell, who is taking over the instrumental music program at Heritage starting this year, shows this particular mark of success among many others.