Kelly Ryan


Student Government Plans to Continue Mike Smith’s Legacy

After a successful year of bringing in guest speakers like Mike Smith and spreading important messages around the school, planning for next year’s guest speakers and lessons has already started.

Heritage Shuts Down for the Summer

Over summer break, some changes will be made to Heritage. The school’s room numbers will be updated and some wiring is being done to improve the internet system for all of the new technology use.

“The Addams Family” pulls Heritage theater in a new direction


After months of hard work and preparation, The Addams Family was a great success for the Heritage Thespian Troupe 3759. From building the set to rehearsing and performing, the show told an amazing story of love, family and, of course, death, with many twists and lots of laughs along the way.

Students Recognized During the National Merit Tea

On Wednesday, December 7, seven students were recognized for their outstanding work on the PSAT during the National Merit Tea.

Social media usage spreads through Heritage

A recent poll of Heritage students shows how social media has become a major part of many high schoolers’ lives and has impacted the way people communicate, spread ideas and share news.

Homework for Everyone

Recent controversy over whether students should have homework has been sparked with the release of a letter from a second grade teacher to her students’ parents. This letter states that the students will not have any assigned homework during the year and will only have to do what they didn’t finish in class.