Erika Davidoff


Chuck Hagel confirmed as Secretary of Defense

The United States’ new Secretary of Defense is a decorated war veteran and recipient of two Purple Hearts. He’s a former investment banker, a former CEO and a former senator. As a young man, he was a community organizer for Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign. He’s a professor at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, and he heads the Atlantic Council, a think tank that strives to strengthen trade and economic bonds between the U.S. and the nations of the Eurasian continent. Chuck Hagel, if nothing else, is a highly accomplished man.

“I am very optimistic about Hagel as secretary, and think he is very qualified,” says Kaylene Wright ’13. “He is a veteran, he has voluntarily opted out of the ‘safer’ option, and works hard for veterans and their families now.”

Partnering up with Unified

The coaches teach them the game. The fans cheer them on. The players give it their all. And the partners — the Heritage students on the court beside their HHS PACE teammates — make Unified Eagles a positive and exciting experience for everyone involved.

As Special Olympics Colorado describes, Unified partners become teammates and friends with the athletes, “promoting physical health and bringing people together.” Heritage partners have fully embraced this mission.