Devan Walsh


Rioters plan to protest police brutality every month
On the fifth day of every month, the organization called Occupy Denver and the group Anonymous rally to stage a protest against police brutality.

Gustafson gets a MAD idea

“Whoo-whoo,” Ms. Gustafson cheered while counting the money.

Irish traditions continued in America

America’s gone green–no, not economically–but culturally. The fighting Irish are showing their true colors this St. Patrick’s day, and they are celebrating countless traditions.

High schoolers- you’re doing it wrong

High school–the place where people “find themselves.” Well, the only way that people are told that they can find and define themselves is through their relationships with others. Who they choose as friends can have a lasting impact. This whole notion has been pounded into our brains countless times over the years so now it’s all mush and a dead topic. What about the other side though? What about if a person stays away from a relationship? This has an equally powerful effect. Did you know that people can actually figure out a lot about themselves without getting caught up in the dramatic choices of others? Some can actually learn much more from being independent.

Mudd captures third at Littleton poetry slam

He captured the hearts of his audience as well as an impressive third place finish when poet Connor Mudd ’17 took to the stage at the LPS Poetry Slam. “A lot of these students are going to be doing some brave things,” said event-coordinator Nate Thompson before the slam commenced. The official host of the evening was Jovan Mayes, a familiar face to the Heritage community. Jovan Mayes is a competing slam poet for the Denver Slam Nuba National Team, and he travels from school to school, demonstrating his poetryRead More

Mystery Inc. unmasks best costumes

When they walked in on Thursday, the hallways lit up. Mystery Inc. was one of the many groups that dressed up for Halloween, but what makes them special is that they have been planning this for weeks.

The favorites of winter flourish in the flurries

The weather outside may be frightful, but the activities are so delightful.

The snowy season allows students to enjoy the many skiing slopes and the ice rinks that flourish under the blizzards.

Although it could be absolutely bitter outside, a cup of warm coffee or steaming hot chocolate are great companions to brave the storm.