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Rosales takes flight

Julio holds his signature Air Force Falcons hat. It's been a constant reminder in his life for the dreams he aspires to accomplish.

Despite how some students may feel about university life, it’s relatively safe to say that there will be room for most Heritage graduates to make mistakes next year. However, for senior Julio Rosales the stakes are much higher.

Despite being awarded the prestigious Daniel’s Fund Scholarship and having the opportunity to attend most any college he desired, Julio decided instead to enroll in the United State Air Force Academy Preparatory School.

Comic Sans: Our greatest fight


They didn’t know what they had done. How could they have? Developing a simple, whimsical font for comic-book-style speech bubbles in 1994 must have seemed the most benign thing in the world to a few Microsoft employees. But unbeknownst to those tragic figures, their fateful actions would soon evolve into the most unspeakable mistake of our modern times.

Holiday shopping should be stopping

Tis’ the season once more kids, where we will all cozy up to our fall fireplaces, surrounded by loving family and friends, and discuss in excited murmurs what we dream of buying from the upcoming holiday sales.
Never mind sticking around after holiday meals to be with one another, we’ve got to go accumulate more material wealth!

Under by $1 billion

Education, out of all things, may have taken the hardest blow from the struggling economy. And right here in Littleton a major deficit has formed out of the efforts exerted to save as much money as possible.

Cooking with Williams

A fresh set of challenges faces new cafeteria worker Tonya Williams, who is up to the task and ready to help feed Heritage.

She is coming to Heritage with experience from catering out of Whitman to other districts and is excited for the job at a bigger kitchen in a high school. She’ll be fixing up sandwiches and monitoring the brand new food bar in the cafeteria, which will have all different kinds of fresh treats every day.

Reitzma joins HHS

Sometimes dealing with schedule mistakes and technical issues can be frustrating for Heritage students, for Mr. Heimer’s new instructional secretary, Andra Reitsema, these daunting tasks are her whole job.

Reitsema may work behind the scenes, but she is one of the people keeping Heritage working like a well-oiled machine, day in and day out. She deals with scheduling issues, audits, and clears out any technical problems that may be clogging up the school. Despite all of the hard work, she’s excited to be here at Heritage.