Brooklyn Walker


New Times, New Curiculum

English classes use many types of literature to express history and themes to students. Predominantly, teachers promote books that are either classics, books with inequality or both.

Misconception of Feminism

The term feminist, which has been around almost a century now, receives backlash and disapproval.  This is met with a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication.  Few are willing to speak up, or actually talk about it at all. There appears to be a common misconception that due to the root of the word being feminine, the word indicates the power of women. This however is not the case, and this will ideally be someoneś awakening. Feminism is, and has always been the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.Read More

Technology Changes the Classrooms


Projectors are a thing of the past, smart boards and new technologies have taken over from the ways of old fashioned media. Some for the better, some for the worst.

Disney the True Message

As a child who grew up on Disney, I lived a constant fantasy of beautiful monsters, wicked villains, and dreaming princesses. Upon the realization of the horrors of Disney, I stood shocked. How could my role models growing up, have ulterior motives than being an adventurous story?  Looking back now, the beautiful princesses, like Barbie, portray impossible standards for a healthy woman to accomplish. Along with their waist being smaller than the distance between her large eyes they maintain a constant dependence on the world and people around them. MarriageRead More

School Spirit Vs. Team Rivalry at HHS


School spirit and school rivalry are not quite the same. Heritage High School’s biggest rivalry with Arapahoe High School is described by Heritage’s Principal Stacey Riendeau as a sibling rivalry.

Stoddard secures Heritage

For Mr. Bill Stoddard, being a Heritage High School security guard sounded like the ideal job before retirement. After 32 years of being a police officer and fireman, he had delivered three babies on the job, acted in the Aviation division and cared and protected everyday people in need of a hero.