Audrey Moylan


Diving off the fiscal cliff

The phrase “fiscal cliff” has been spreading like wildfire through newspapers, books, magazines, blogs, websites, economics classes and discussions around the world. The Council on Foreign Relations explains that “fiscal cliff” refers to a time when, if there are no changes made to the nation’s financial laws, taxes increase, government spending decreases and its deficit slowly reduces. The most immediate effect involves increasing the income tax and stopping the tax breaks.

Alcohol allowed?

Almost everyone has witnessed underage drinking either in person or through the media. Tons of parties happen every year across the country, and to see minors drinking is a common occurrence. No matter how much of an effort the nation puts into restricting this activity, it cannot be fully prevented. Why should we keep the legal age for the consumption of alcohol at 21 years old when the country’s 18 year olds can marry, vote or go to war?

Dancing the night away

The exhilarating, electrifying pre-performance jitters of walking out onto the hardwood floor, judges staring, hearts beating, palms sweating, minds racing; these are the typical feelings of the Heritage High School Varsity Belles and JV Poms dance teams just moments before they perform their routines.

“You can’t hear anything but the sound of your heartbeat and the people screaming,” Anna Gerze ‘14 describes.