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Alpine Club Elevates MAD Week

During MAD Week, a tremendous amount of effort goes into raising money for the student selected cause. Whether it be a volleyball tournament, a raffle or a head shaving fundraiser, there are always multiple ways that students can help support MAD Week. On the weekend of May 7, there was another event to help raise money: the Alpine Club sponsored MAD Week hike.

Andrews Soars at State

Andrews Soars at State

Kylie Andrews ‘18 dreams of entering a competition where world records are broken and dreams become reality.

Ahles rides with confidence

Since she was young, Gabi Ahles ’18 had always been afraid of horses. However, that all changed when she became involved with Westernaires.

DIY: Sweet, Sentimental Scrapbook

Looking for a unique and personalized gift? These do-it-yourself instructions will show you how to make a gift that can be personalized for anyone.

Happy Hallowteen

Heritage welcomes Hernandez

As the 2015‐2016 school year kicks into high gear, Heritage receives an addition to the PACE program as new paraprofessional Mr. Brandon Hernandez seamlessly joins the community.

From the time he was young, Hernandez had always had an interest in education.

Duggan returns home

Mr. Kyle Duggan has returned home to Heritage not as a student this time, but as a PACE paraprofessional.

“As a freshman at Heritage, I never thought that I would have ever been working here,” says Duggan.

Until this year, Duggan had still been returning to Heritage to volunteer, despite not being on staff.

Life lessons on the court and in the classroom

Mr. Joseph Swanson joins Heritage’s family this year‐ now as a full time staff member.

For the past five years, Swanson had been driving back and forth from Littleton High School to Heritage. He had been alternating between working as a paraprofessional at Littleton, and then coming to Heritage to coach wrestling, baseball and softball.