Athletes play it smart

The Student Code of Conduct addresses the following punishments that apply to all athletes participating in a Heritage sponsored sport.

For students charged with drug or alcohol use, possession or distribution:

First violation:

Basketball—sit five games

Baseball, Belles, Cheer, Softball and Volleyball—sit four contests/games

Lacrosse and Soccer—sit three games

Cross Country, Football, Gymnastics and Swimming—sit two contests/games

Golf—sit 36 holes

Wrestling—sit five points

Second Violation:

Basketball—sit 11 games

Belles and Cheer—sit 10 contests

Baseball, Softball and Volleyball—sit nine games

Lacrosse and Soccer—sit seven games

Cross Country, Football, Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis and Track—sit five contests/games

Golf—sit 99 holes

Wrestling—sit 15 points

Third violation:

All athletes will be suspended from participation in their sport for 365 days from the date of the initial violation.

Fourth Violation:

The athlete will not be allowed to participate in any athletics for the remainder of the student’s enrollment in Littleton Public Schools.

For the students who are charged with being in the presence of others using, possessing or distributing drugs or alcohol:

First Violation:

The athlete will be suspended from one contest

Any other violations after the first will result in suspension from competitions as if you were a student with drugs or alcohol use, possession or distribution

Student code of conduct

There are multiple punishments that can come from using alcohol or drugs, more details in the story

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