Artist of the Month

Art has always been a part of Haley Brown’s life, ever since she was in the third grade she had a passion. She said that her teacher had them drawing something different every week and this is when she began to love art. Art has driven her to find her future profession.

“I was always that kid who drew on the wall with crayon,” says Brown ’16.

She has been in many art classes at Heritage and has learned different techniques that have given her a path to her future. Brown says that the best part of art is the finished product. She says that it gives her such satisfaction to have a piece completed. Finishing a tattoo will be very satisfying in Brown’s future career.

“There is nothing like being in nature, it is so inspiring and it is always changing,” say Brown.

To get most of her inspiration she uses nature and living things. This will help with her future profession.

“Of course I see art in my future, I want to be a tattoo artist. I like to draw way better than anything else,” says Brown ’16.

Pursuing art as a career can be quite difficult, but Brown says that it will be a huge part of her life. She has always loved being able to create anything she wanted on a piece of paper and she wants to show the world her creativity in the future. She can continue her passion of art through tattoos.

“In relation to art tattoos go hand in hand. They are both about design and creativity. I think Haley is extremely talented and creative. She is a very free spirit,” says Bernal.
Ever since Brown was little she has been drawing, she said it was a huge part of her life and that as she got better she began to enjoy it more and more.

Artist of the Month picture
This piece of art is inspired by dreams, something unrealistic. This is just the beginning sketch plan.
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