Arapahoe High School remembers tragedy one year later

Hundreds gathered on the night of Saturday, December 13 for a candlelight remembrance ceremony for Claire Davis on the one-year anniversary of her death in Clarity Commons, a park made in her honor on the Arapahoe High School campus.

A lover of horses, this painting was done in her memory.

A lover of horses, this painting was done in her memory.

“Choose to Love is the theme of Clarity Commons and the message we hope people will take away from Saturday’s remembrance,” says Mrs. Desiree Davis, Claire Davis’s mother.

In the past year, the Littleton community has shown strength and unity. The Arapahoe Student Body President, Sanjay Patil, spoke about how the community has changed.

“Arapahoe is not the same. This high school, the individuals inside, and the community that surrounds it, are not the same. Instead we are stronger. We are more aware. We are more focused. We are kinder. We are united. And ultimately we are successful,” says Patil.

Claire’s family, peers and teachers have remembered her. She has been described as a person who was kind to everyone and showed a positive attitude and vibrancy in all that she did. Rather than wallow in despair, people keep her memory alive by doing good and loving each other.

“I feel like this entire community, led largely by the students in this school, has become much more of a loving place in the last twelve months, because we all came together and decided to practice love and forgiveness,” says Mr. Michael Davis, Claire Davis’s father.

At the end of the ceremony, candles were lit to show the impact Claire had on peoples’ lives and 14 balloons were lit up and released for the 14 Colorado children who were killed in school shootings, including Davis.

“Because of Michael and Desiree, all of us here have united in forgiveness and in love. Not just in the spirit of Claire Davis, but in the spirit of 13 other Colorado children who lost their lives in school shootings since Columbine in 1999. We are united not to dwell on these tragedies but to honor those children who lost their lives and to look to the promise of the future in this coming year and well beyond,” says Governor John Hickenlooper.

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